But why everyone loves Minions?

Because they are cute …
Eyes bulging, epidermal nonchalance spartan hairstyles, skin tone chrome yellow, overalls connected … The physical balance requires no dispute: the minions are too cute. No one can resist their boiled, not even the garbage that they attend every day. “When I think they almost never see the day …” recalls Pierre Coffin, co-director of the film devoted to them. “Initially, it was thought an army of Gru hefty guys to serve in Despicable Me . But with Eric Guillon, our engineering designer, we have shaped and built these minions. Fortunately!”

Because their language is irresistible …
“Papuche”, “banana poka,” “Ah, Ah, plouuumag” … Another key advantage of this tribe zigotos? A flowery language that plume wonderfully onomatopoeic, strange noises, laughs easily and perfectly identifiable words. An explosive mixture which, combined with a Pavlovian clumsiness, brings the necessary humor to unite young and old. “I write their dialogues and I’m their voice,” said Pierre Coffin. “This is a difficult exercise that requires a lot of back and forth. We must find the right formulations. A melody has to play with words. The secret is not to repeat itself and heal the intonation of each replica . “

Because they are paradoxical …
“We love them because their personality is full of contrasts,” said Kyle Balda, co-director of Minions . “It’s funny to see if innocent creatures obsessed with the idea of ​​serving the major villains.” This paradox is just one of the highlights of the saga Despicable Me and this new opus, in theaters Wednesday. “They think they are big shots when they spend their time throwing red fruits in the face, like kids,” says Balda. “That said, they have human qualities, they try to get by, show solidarity … This allows the viewer to identify some of them.”

Because they are the heirs of the best …
Deprived of a completely coherent speech, the Minion has evolved according to his adventures – shorts included – cantor in situation comedy. A bit like Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin before him. “These actors are great references for me. There’s even a nod to Dictator in Minions …” admits Pierre Coffin immediately. “They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the animation. We also dug into the world of Jacques Tati or Mister Bean. All these artists cross generations and make children laugh today.” As minions …

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