Ant-Man: The latest trailer connected to the Avengers

A few days before the film’s release in theaters, Ant-Man enters its final stretch with the assurance of having already shown enough to entice us. The last official trailer of the film thus serves more refocusing for those who had not followed any, do almost no amount unprecedented image. But it still gives us some nice pikes to reconnect the character to Marvel Cinematic Universe rest of

Main “victim” of this trailer. Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr. ) who is returning to his studies by Hank Pym ( Michael Douglas ) when the latter refers to his creation: “ There is no mention of a dainty technology as the Iron Man armor! “. The Avengers are also mentioned by Scott Lang ( Paul Rudd ), who wants to call to the rescue to help Pym in his plan.

However, it will take a little before seeing the confrontation between Ant-Man and the rest of his new super-heroic friends. Paul Rudd should indeed also be part of the distribution of Captain America: Civil War , which hits theaters next year. So to permanently strengthen the links between the different films, Marvel emerged from the closet Christine Everhart, journalist played by Leslie Bibb in the first two Iron Man , and apparently became TV presenter. In short, the field is already well prepared to integrate the new kid in the universe, vast, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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