30 Dogs and cats who lost the battle against furniture

It is possible that at this very moment your pet is looking for some comfort and fall into one of these situations where the furniture just to have the last word and grab the last leg.

wreporter.com can only take my hat off to these tireless warriors and hopes that their freedom has arrived without hairy victims or upholstery. I have the pictures here.

is required in a simple chair to leave your dog completely defenseless.

Yes, helpless we said.

This is how cats sink into the sofa in Bermuda.

The sofas are vile, vile creatures.

The look and seem very comfortable, but they are a death trap.

So be sure to look first under your furniture, your dog or maybe your cat be there, waiting for your help.

seems that this dog does not feel as bad, but also takes note that so long.

And what would you do? Well, it does not know.

Hi, I would not wear that shirt … by the way .. you help me out of here?

On rare occasions it is possible that the cabinet will become the best friend (and lime) Cat

. Day 3: humans came to rescue me from the jaws of ferocious sofa


This dog won, you have to accept.

He, well, I think I left with a bad taste.

Even the most comfortable place can become a trap

From that you can not escape

The lesson: you have to look very tender and sorrowful for the human to sympathize

Cats and furniture. The battle continues

Although it seems that the furniture is winning.

And there’s nothing to do if they catch the cushions.

Funny right? Release me!.

it seems to have reached a truce

Like it.

The important thing is not fall.

and licking the plate well before it’s too late.

tall person in a small bus. graphic description

It seems that if you sleep and dream to fly.

also does not look so uncomfortable

I would, but … nah.

I slipped, I slipped, I resb … boom!

be continued.

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