20 pictures of two sweet dogs that will melt your heart

Meet Darren and Phillip, an inseparable pair who loves embrace and be taking pictures. Thanks to its artistic and friendly owner with Instagram account already won the hearts of tens of thousands.

Wreporter want to share with you the pictures of these cute pets to make you want to cuddle, hug again and then give them a hug and a kiss.

These beauties like the dress clothes for children and hugging each other for a good photo.

Jennifer, the owner, said she started to photograph when she realized that they were approaching each other to see the camera .

“They have a very strong connection and are never far from each other.” -. Says the owner

Jennifer says at no time obliged to bring their pets to children’s clothing, but they want and like.

“As soon as I put her pajamas or clothing for babies begin to approach each other and see “.

These guys love to play in front of the camera.

Darren is tired after a hard day and he decided to get some rest.

Behold the hairy happiness!

Source of the pictures: The Blueboys

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