16 amazing photos without a gram of Photoshop

Our planet is a wonderful, surprising and majestic.

Wreporter.com brought photographs in which the only special effect is the game of nature itself.

The place where the Namib desert meets the sea

Ice Waterfalls in Reserve Svalbard, Norway

Verzasca River, Switzerland. The water in it is so pure that the background is from the surface.

After the rain

Scarlet Sky

Lenticular clouds over the nickname Damavend

Lightning would be little. Bad weather in South Dakota

created by the rotor of a helicopter circular waves

Autumn colors. Water reflection of a forest in autumn

Surprising deepwater jellyfish

clouds in windows or windows in heaven. Chrysler Building. New York

Aurora boreale, Norway

One beautiful scenery of a beach in Sardinia

after rain Dragonfly

St. Basil’s Cathedral and its reflection. Moscow

Only speed and low shutter speed


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