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Twitter Buys TweetDeck for $40 Million

Twitter has offered TweetDeck up to $40 million to buy the software application. Cash and stock were used to make this purchase. Earlier in the week, Twitter had not confirmed this rumor and TweetDeck had made no confirmation that the deal was taking place. TweetDeck and UberMedia had also been in discussions for a deal that is possibly less than what Twitter is offering, $30 million. Some say UberMedia and Twitter may soon become rivals as UberMedia continues to purchase many third-party Twitter applications. The two continue to battle. While UberMedia was close, Twitter swooped in and bought TweetDeck.

The popular social network, Twitter, has been growing more and more popular over its five years of service. From everyday people, to celebrities, to wannabes, Twitter receives millions of users a day. It allows people with an account to send “tweets” to followers in the form of 140 character messages. TweetDeck was created buy Ian Dodsworth in 2008 and allows the Twitter user easier and more efficient access to not only Twitter but Facebook and other social networks as well.

This new purchase will more than likely continue to strain the already rocky relationship between UberMedia and Twitter. Twitter stopped three UberMedia applications in February citing a violation of Twitter policy. Talk of of UberMedia creating its own version of Twitter has been floating around. Of the many third party apps users tweet from, UberMedia—now called UberSocial, is the third popular way to send tweets from iPhone and directly from Twitter.

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