Trafficker arrested with 48,000 disguised beer cans Pepsi

Capture d'écran Twitter

Screenshot Twitter

The trafficker tried to enter Saudi Arabia with beer while alcohol is forbidden in the country. He was arrested by the Saudi Customs.

a trafficker tried to smuggle 48,000 beer cans in Saudi Arabia. But to bring alcohol in a country where it is forbidden, he had to be inventive shows. According to the Washington Post, he tried to cover up these cans by passing for Pepsi by covering beer with a sticker with the colors of red and blue mark.

But despite this inventive ploy, customs officers realized the deception and have posted photos on Twitter.

“A truck carrying what at first glance looked like cans of Pepsi was arrested . After the usual excavations, it became evident that alcoholic beers were covered with stickers with the Pepsi logo, “summarized a Saudi head of Customs at the border with the United Arab Emirates, adding that” his men are always ready and on alert to catch smugglers. ”

An important risk taking

The trafficker faces a very severe punishment for this crime. Indeed, the country is not as tolerant to alcohol traffic. Demonstrated, the case of an Englishman of 74 who was sentenced to a year in prison and 350 lashes for having transported the artisanal wine in his car before being released thanks to pressure from the British government . However, in such cases are regular. According expatriates, despite bans alcohol circulates especially in cities. “In all major cities, we can get moonshine made with potatoes. He is very strong and it is sold in plastic bottles of water, “said a British expatriate in site The Mirror.

In September a man had tried to pass twelve bottles of alcohol hiding them under his tunic with trousers pockets to change.

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