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Google uses its home page to …?

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – On Wednesday Google proposed a promotional offer on its home page in the United States, rare for the giant of online advertising.

World number one search engine launched this year offers coupons promo in some cities, called Google Offers to counter the appetite of American specialist of the genre, Groupon, whose interest in the Internet is growing.

On Wednesday it was the first time that offers Google Offers were posted on the very minimal homepage of the site. It could be a sign of growing competition with Groupon, some sources suspected of preparing an IPO in mid-September.

The two companies compete for advertising portfolios of local entrepreneurs, such as restaurants and miscellaneous retailers, in this case Google offering tickets to the Museum of Natural History in New York for $ 5 instead of 25 dollars.

Google traditionally avoids using its home page for promotional offers, booking the occasional launch of its new products as was the case for its web browser Chrome.

Google derives income from advertising accounted for 96% of the estimated $ 29 billion in sales posted last year. The vast majority of this revenue comes from advertising related to the results of its search engine.

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