Debt and Netflix, Push Blockbuster into Dish Network’s Hands

Dish’s winning bid of close to $300 million rewarded the satellite company with the once-popular Blockbuster. The failed video rental company was once the place for the latest movies and then later, video games. The inability to keep up with changing times and the arrival of the new kid on the block, Netflix, caused Blockbuster to constantly play catch-up.

Movie renting has changed significantly in the past couple of years. DVD kiosks have popped up at every grocery store and business charging a mere $1 to rent the latest movie. Netflix came along and provided a strictly online service with free DVD delivery of their vast collection of movies and shows. Add to that streaming video to not only the computer, but directly to your TV as well.  No late fees. No standing in line. All for under 10 bucks. Try as they did, Blockbuster lagged sorely behind.

This new purchase by Dish will get Blockbuster out of the red with creditors and possibly embark on something new and great with the assistance of Dish Network‘s satellite technology. Dish customers may soon be enjoying the perks of online streaming movies and shows in their satellite packages. The question remains, what Dish will do with the 17,000 stores Blockbuster has scattered across the country? In this digital age it seems almost useless to have a store front. The satellite company may just call it a loss and focus on their gains.

Dish’s low prices in comparison to their rival, DirecTV, already have customers flocking in this day of penny-pinching. Now armed with a greater marketing arsenal and new online presence, Dish’s gain is immeasurable.



Angelica Bee


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